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Engineering Academics Awarded Four Gold Medals and Four Silver Medals at 2021 Inventions Geneva Eval

Updated: Apr 26

The University of Hong Kong reaped a total of eleven awards at the Special Edition 2021 Inventions Geneva Evaluation Days. Among the eleven awards, engineering academics received 4 Gold Medals and 4 Silver Medals. The International Exhibition of Inventions of Geneva is one of the most significant global annual events devoted exclusively to inventions. Around 600 inventions from about 20 countries were evaluated on virtual platforms by the international jury of specialists from 10 to 14 March 2021.

Direct Thermal Charging Cell (DTCC) is a novel invention for converting low-grade heat to electricity under isothermal operation, surpassing all existing types of thermoelectrochemical systems. It was developed by a research team led by Dr Shien-Ping Feng of the Department of Mechanical Engineering, Faculty of Engineering of HKU. Other team members include Dr Yu-Ting Huang, Miss Xinya Wu and Mr Chunlin Pang from the same department.


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