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Our laboratory is dedicated to advancing the field of electrochemical system design and materials engineering for green energy and semiconductor manufacturing. Our research is focused on three primary areas: (1) low-grade heat-to-electricity conversion, (2) solar and indoor photovoltaics, and (3) electrochemical nanofabrication technology.

One of our key interests lies in developing additives and chemicals for electrochemical systems to engineer material properties. For example, by adding small amounts of additives to ionic electrolytes, we can modify the hydration layer and improve the thermopower of liquid-based thermoelectric systems. We also explore effective chemical coatings on photoactive perovskite materials to passivate surface defects and enhance the long-term operational reliability of perovskite photovoltaic devices. Additionally, we investigate the use of additives in electroplating baths to shape electroplated copper nanostructures and alter their electrical, thermal, and mechanical properties for 3DIC packaging applications. Our goal is to develop innovative solutions that address the challenges of green energy and semiconductor manufacturing, and contribute to a more sustainable future.

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