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DTCC in the Hello Tomorrow Regional Summit 2019

Updated: Apr 25

The HKU spin-off company, High Performance Solution Limited, working on our patented DTCC technology, has been selected as one of the 16 finalists out of 300 applications and one of the only two finalists in Hong Kong competing in the Hello Tomorrow Regional Summit 2019, a competition for start-ups to adapt their research for real-world commercial uses. Moreover, High Performance Solution Limited has been selected as one of Hello Tomorrow’s Deep Tech Pioneers. 5,000+ applications were received from 128 countries this year. Being a Deep Tech Pioneer means that the technology has been recognized by Hello Tomorrow as one of the most promising projects in deep tech to date. The company is invited to attend the exclusive Business and Investor Days on March 10-11th, 2020 and join Global Summit on March 12-13th, 2020 in Paris. In 2018, the invention won the Championship in the HKU DreamCatchers 100K Entrepreneurship Competition. Since then, a start-up company, High Performance Solution Limited, has been established, which is aided by the Technology Start-up Support Scheme for Universities (TSSSU). The company also joined the Incu-Tech 3-year programme at the Hong Kong Science Park and received its first revenue from the prototypes. The team has participated in the first X-plan roadshow of Talent Development Forum in Great Bay Area held by the Hong Kong X Foundation. It has also taken part at the Entrepreneurship Forum in Bahrain, Middle East. The company has made a first income from the prototype products and successfully finished its first angel fund raising.


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