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Gold Medal for DTCC in the 5th International Invention Innovation Competition in Canada, iCAN 2020

Updated: Apr 26

iCAN is the first international inventors’ event ever held in Canada as a place of global exchange, festivity and recognition for all participating inventors, innovators and creators for their hard work and dedication towards creativity and innovation. This year’s iCAN 2020 “The Finals” was progressed virtually and online through contents upload of the following items on August 29th.

The startup, High Performance Solution Ltd., through the patented technology of DTCC won the Gold Medal in the iCAN 2020 “The Preliminaries” and was selected to attend iCAN 2020 “The Finals” out of participants from the 60 Countries Participation.

In the iCAN 2020 “The Finals”, HPS team led by Dr. Yu-Ting Huang and supervised by Dr, Shien-Ping Feng won several top prizes, which are the Top 10 Best Invention Award and TISIAS Special Award, respectively. Moreover, Dr. Huang was honored the Best Woman Inventor Award in the iCAN 2020.


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